OpenSPP allows to conduct registrations using different solutions, from offline registration to online self-registration:

  • ODK


  • CSV/Excel import

  • API

Unified Registry

OpenSPP’s key feature is a 360-degree view of the registrant and beneficiary. The information is stored in one place and can be easily accessed by key stakeholders while providing advanced access management, auditability, and accountability.

  • Import/Export

  • Search and criteria filtering

  • Individual and groups (household, family, school, etc.)

  • Role within group

  • Relationships between individuals

  • Custom fields

Assessment of Needs and Conditions

The data collected about registrants’ needs and conditions can be analysed based on the information entered into the system, or through integration with third-party systems.

  • Custom fields

  • Automatic criteria calculation

  • Proxy Means Test Formula

  • Eligibility criteria filters

  • Enrollment status

  • API integration

  • Reporting tools

Program Management

Programs and cycles are used to outline a social protection program. This is an OpenSPP feature that is extremely flexible and expandable to manage different types of programs:

  • Unconditional cash transfer

  • Conditional cash transfer

  • In-kind distribution

Cash Transfer

OpenSPP supports the automation of cash transfers through integration with Financial Service Providers, creation of payment lists, and issuance of vouchers. It uses OpenG2P and Payment Hub EE to link Financial Service Providers.

  • Budget management

  • Payment cycle

  • Integration with FSPs: Mobile Money, Bank Transfer, etc.

  • Closed-loop, vouchers, etc.

  • Accounting integration

In-kind Distribution

In-kind distribution of food and nonfood items such as shelter materials, hygiene kits, and cooking items is also possible with OpenSPP. Because of its ERP backend, the platform is able to handle distribution from A to Z or can alternatively link with other ERPs.

  • Stock management #upcoming

  • Supply chain #upcoming

  • Warehouse and distribution point management #upcoming

  • Point Of Sales integration

Mass Campaigns

OpenSPP enables the mass distribution of communications through SMS and Email, allowing the organisation to engage in large-scale communication campaigns with beneficiaries.

  • Email/SMS

  • Individual communication

  • Mass communication

  • Validation workflow

Grievances & Appeals Management

OpenSPP offers a complete and integrated solution for grievances and appeals management. Because it is built into the system, support staff can provide better service and faster responses.

  • Multi-channel

  • Auditability

  • Service Level Agreement #upcoming

Program Monitoring, Data Analytics & Visualisation

OpenSPP comes with a complete built-in data analytics and visualisation solution. It also has a user-friendly dashboard that allows managers to have a bird’s eye view of registrants, programs, and cycles. Highly sophisticated reporting and analysis capabilities can be leveraged by data analysts thanks to the integration with Metabase.

  • Dashboard

  • Odoo reports

  • Metabase integration

Social ID Card Issuance

OpenSPP is integrated with ID PASS, allowing instant issuance of program identification documents.

  • Card design

  • QR Code ID card

  • Biometric card

  • Machine-readable
  • Trusted and secure

Data Privacy & Security

OpenSPP takes data privacy and security very seriously and strives to find a balance between it and the ability to provide great service. The system can restrict access to only that information an agent needs.

  • Fine access control (RBAC)

  • Audit trail of registrant and beneficiary access

  • Deployed on secure environment chosen by the user

  • Validation workflow for key features

  • Two-factor authentication

  • MOSIP Token Seeder integration #upcoming

  • Consent record #upcoming

Integrations & APIs

OpenSPP is built on top of a number of APIs that interact with one another. The core ERP offers a unified API that allows to access all of the data, and additional specialized APIs are being introduced as needed.

The system can be integrated with:

  • Existing registries and social protection systems

  • Payment providers, Point of Sales

  • Mobile network operators

  • Data collection tools

  • Identity providers

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