OpenSPP was created by Newlogic, a software company that has worked with governments and humanitarian agencies to develop digital information systems for social protection for close to 10 years. These systems are currently in use in more than 40 countries.

Through our past experiences, we saw first hand the positive impact that social protection can have on the lives of people affected by rising inequality, poverty, conflict and crises. We also saw the operational challenges faced in ensuring the effective delivery of social protection programs.

We created OpenSPP to support the improvement and growth of effective social protection programs using open source technologies. Our goal is to make it easier and more cost effective for governments and humanitarian agencies to digitalize their social protection systems.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Pooling resources, expertise and efforts is essential for improving the implementation and delivery of social protection programs.

OpenSPP is an active member of a number of key initiatives to improve standardization in open source solutions for social protection. Our CTO, Jeremi Joslin, is a Technical Board member of OpenG2P, a member of G2P Connect, as well as a member of the Standardization Committee for Digital Social Protection of the USP2030 Digital Convergence Initiative.

OpenSPP leverages and contributes to other open source projects including MOSIP, OpenG2P, OpenCRVS, Odoo, ID PASS and ODK.