A Digital Public Good for Social Protection.

OpenSPP is an open-source, scalable, modular, and highly interoperable digital social protection information system providing all the required building blocks for effective program implementation and delivery.

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A digital public good
for social protection

OpenSPP is formally recognized as a Digital Public Good (DPG) by the Digital Public Goods Alliance (DPGA).

DPGs are open-source software, open data, open AI systems, and open content collections that adhere to privacy and other applicable best practices, do no harm by design and are of high relevance for attainment of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Along with other DPGs, OpenSPP is listed in the digital public goods registry.



Suitable for small projects with limited resources as well as for large ones that need to interact with numerous third-party services and data sources.


Anyone may sign up or modify their details at any time allowing for the real-time adjustment of entitlements as necessary.


Can be used to implement Adaptive Social Protection programs that help communities build resilience and adapt to shocks.

Open Source

All the code adheres to OSI-approved licenses such as Apache 2.0, LGPL, or AGPL. No hidden surprises.


Helps increase the take-up rate by the intended population and reduce the complexity to be enrolled.


For many applications, no code is required. OpenSPP offers a range of components that can be simply set up.

A platform based on recognized open source projects

  • OpenG2P
  • ODK
  • Odoo
  • PaymentHub EE


  • Metabase

  • Docker

Working with


Humanitarian agencies

Open source community